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Turin Brakes

Outbursts CD Album

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Release Date: 01/03/2010

Discs: 1

Turin Breaks rediscover their acoustic folk sound on their fifth studio album 'Outbursts'. The London based duo follow up 'Dark On Fire' with a return to the sound that graced critically acclaimed debut 'The Optimist LP' while retaining the pop sensibility of their top 5 hit 'Painkiller'. Fresh from working on albums with Take That, Dido and Lisa Mitchell, these sought after singer-songwriters set upon their own creation of melancholic and wistful songs. The single 'The Sea Of Change' is included.

Disc 1
1. Sea Change
2. Mirror
3. Rocket Song
4. Paper Heart
5. The Invitation
6. Will Power
7. Apocolips
8. Embryos
9. Never Stops
10. The Letting Down
11. Radio Silence
12. Outbursts